Best cars at 2017 Detroit Auto Show


2017 Detroit Auto Show cars came with a great combination of technology and design, projecting how the future of cars will be.


KIA GT Concept

This four door sport sedan is a muscular car with an elegant interior. It has a extended bonnet, short front overhang and long wheelbase. Kia GT Concept comes with suicide doors.


BMW X2 Concept

BMW X2 Concept makes a great combination of a flat shape of a coupé and the robust structure of X model. It comes with massive 21-inch alloy rims, intense laselights with a blue X in the middle. X2 Concept is urban, but also sporty.


Cadillac Escala

Cadillac Escala has handcrafted upholstery and the best of navigation and entertainment technology. Escala comes with a 4.0 liter V8 engine.


Nissan V-Motion 2.0 Concept

V-Motion 2.0 Concept won as the best concept car at 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Besides its hot exterior design, it has a superb interior, made of zebra woods.


It comes with cruise mode, so when you are not in the mood for driving, just put it on autonomous option. This car only problem is its suicide doors.

But if you need a car to save the city, I present you the Lego Batmobile:





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