The most expensive apartment in the world


This penthouse in Monaco is on sale for just $ 335 million. It’s 5-storey apartment in the tallest building of Monaco, La Tour Odeon (558 ft/170 meters).

The penthouse has dance floor, infinity pool, waterslide, roof deck and a beautiful 360 degree view of Mediterranean sea and Monaco’s skyline. It has 31,500 sq feet making $ 10,634 per square foot.


The building has among its amenities 24/7 concierge, spa and a sophisticated business center.

Famous for being a tax haven, Monaco has a strict admission for living there ( I’m pretty sure if can buy this penthouse you’ll pass). Once there you can enjoy Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, its casinos and Cannes Film Festival and having neighbors like David Coulthard, Jenson Button, Ringo Starr and the likeable Novak Djokovic.



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