BMW’s futuristic motorcycle concept


BMW unveiled its new motorcycle concept as a part of Vision Next series, which celebrates the centenary of the company projecting how the next 100 years will be.


The bike was designed by Edgar Heinrich and his team, which created a refined and minimalistic design with ergonomics of a roadster. Its tyres comes with damping function and adapts to the type of terrain. The bike was inspired by the R32, a model of 1923.


According to the company the bike has self-balancing system the prevents tilting over. The system is capable controlling the balance when riding and at a standstill.


The rider instead of using helmet will use a data glasses, which will collect data from the road and warns the rider if it detects hazards. The clothes will be different too, instead of wearing protection clothing the rider will wear high-tech clothes with air-conditioning system and that offers protection against rain and wind.




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