Cristiano Ronaldo’s Boutique Hotel

Pestana CR7 Hotel

The super star soccer player, and now European champion, is planning a line of luxury hotels focused on millennials. Despite being one of the highest paid athletes, he’s thirsty for more.

The first hotel recently opened is located in his hometown, on the island of Madeira. It’s near Ronaldo’s soccer Museum. The hotel has 48  rooms, the Ronaldo CR7 Rooftop Suite and it has soccer-themed decoration.

His second hotel will be in Lisbon, the third will open in New York (expected to open in 2017) and then Madrid will receive its hotel.

Pestana CR7 Hotel has a rooftop deck with a beautiful swimming pool and a amazing view of the marina. The CR7 Suite has a playstation, lots of games and virtual reality glasses. A service of the hotel expresses Ronaldo’s passion for fitness, the personalized Get in Shape program.

For those not so into fitness, there is a nice restaurant that offers burgers and pizzas. The rates starts from £ 136 ($ 178).

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