Luxury in Rio 2016

Copacabana Palace.PNG

Copacabana Palace

The most famous brazilian hotel was built in 1923 by the partners Octávio Guinle and Francisco Castro e Silva complying a request of the President for a hotel capable of hosting a large number of guests for the exposition of the centenary of Brazil’s Independence.

The partners accepted the project with the conditions of being allowed of creating a cassino and receiving fiscal benefits. After World War II, gambling was forbidden in Brazil and the hotel’s cassino was transformed into a theater.

The french architect, Joseph Gire, was chosen for its project. He created inspired by two hotels of the French Riviera, Negresco and Carlton. Its style is Art Decó and the materials used for its construction were Carrara Marble and Bohemia Crystals.


Copacabana Palace 6.PNG

View of the Penthouse Suite

Among famous guest that stayed at the hotel are Brigitte Bardot, Janis Joplin, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, the french president Nicolas Sarkozy and the english king Edward VIII.

The 5 star hotel is considered the best of South America

The Hotel is located at Copacabana Beach. Its amenities includes, a fitness center with spa and gym, tennis court, swimming pool, boutique with exclusives outfits, beach equipments and staff for protecting your belongings while you are enjoying the sea.

The room charges starts from US$ 370 to US$ 600.

Copacabana Palace 2Copacabana Palace 3Copacabana Palace 4Copacabana Palace 5



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