The richest person by State in the USA

Richest person in every state - USA

Forbes unveiled a new interesting research, this time the richest person in every state. According to the map the richest people of east coast are less richer than the richest of other parts of the country.

The sectors with the most tycoons are Finance, retail and food and beverage industry.

There are some billionaires overshadowed by their neighbors like Jeff Bezos and Paul Allen, in a state where Bill Gates lives. Jeff Bezos would be the richest person in any other state except Nebraska, where rules Warren Buffet. The same happens in California, where Larry Ellison (Oracle founder) was surpassed by Mark Zuckerberg.

The TOP 7 richest people by state is (in billion of dollars):

1. Bill Gates – 76 (Washington)

2. Warren Buffet – 67,9 (Nebraska)

3. Mark Zuckerberg – 51,6 (California)

4. Michael Bloomberg – 43,6 (New York)

5. Charles Koch – 42,8 (Kansas)

6. Jim Walton – 34,5 (Arkansas)

7. Allice Walton – 33,3 (Texas)



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