French Château is on sale for $ 11.4 million

Chateau du Grand-Lucé.PNG

Château du Gran-Lucé located in France’s Loire Valley can be bought for $ 11.4 million (10 million euro).

The current owner, the award-winning interior designer Timothy Corrigan, said he listed two prices for the Château, 10 million euro without furniture and 13 million euro with everything. The reason for Corrigan putting it on sale is that he thought he would spend more time there.

Corrigan purchased it in 2005 for the price of $ 2.46 million ( 2.2 million euro) and his 7 million euro restoration let it a legit 18th century neoclassical mansion.

Chateau du Grand-Lucé 3

The Château has 29 elegant bedrooms (all of them with fireplace), impressives 17 bathrooms, elevator, 2 wine cellars,a Chapel, lake and Wi-Fi even in its magnificent gardens. It also has theater (originally a stable), gym and game room. The total property area is 40,000 square feet ( 3,716 m²). It’s near an authentic French village with a historic 12th century church worth visiting.

It was built in 1760 by the Duke Jacques Pineau Viennay. The Château received Enlightment historical figures like Voltaire and Diderot. The influence of its first owner kept it safe from the French Revolution and its subsequent owners from both World Wars. It has status of French National Landmark.

It’s just an hour by train from Paris or Charles de Gaulle airport.


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