Billionaire’s idea to help refugees

Naguib Sawiris.PNG

It’s common to see News of billionaires purchasing sports cars, superyachts or artworks, but Naguib Sawaris, has a plan for helping the refugee crisis.

Last year the egyptian billionaire proposed to buy a island for settling refugees, building houses, schools and hospitals for them. His first offer was refused by Greece and Italy. For the greek prime minister he presented a list of 25 island he thought that had potential for his plan. Even UN’s High Commissioner for refugees hasn’t helped him.

Now his offering $ 100 million to any country that allow him to build a community for the refugees.

Sawiris established the telecommunications and information technology sectors of the family business, Orascom.The success of the new sectors lead him to create Orascom Telecom Holding. His net worth is $ 3 billion, making him the 2 º richest man in Egypt.




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