Necker Island

Necker Island

The island is owned by the billionaire Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group. He bought Necker for just $ 175,000, quite cheap for a island nowadays. The whole area is 74 acre and it’s located in the British Virgin Island.

Its name cames from the Dutch commander Johannes de Neckere, who discovered the island. In 2011 the The Great House of Necker burned down due to a lightning the tropical storm Irene.

Necker has accommodation for up to 30 people and it costs per person $ 2,167 for staying one day. Despite the limited number of guests it has 100 staff and personal chef. The resort is usually hired by a group of friends.


On the island there are tennis courts, two private beaches, private pools, scuba diving, kite surfing, water skiing, The Necker Nymph and Necker Belle which is Yacht that can be rented.

The Necker Nymph is a submersible vehicle that can go to a depth of thirty meters:

Necker Island Nymph

Necker Island is the perfect Caribbean hideaway



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