The first Mercedes-Benz yacht

Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo

Yes, you read correctly. Mercedes-Benz is entering in the yacht Market. The company is  producing the yacht concept that was presented at Monaco Yacht Show in 2012.

For building this yachts Mercedes-Benz has done a partnership with the yacht manufacturer Silver Arrows Marine. Only 10 units are going to be produced.

Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo has a twin Yanmar diesel engines producing 480 horsepower each. The yacht top speed is 40 knots ( 46 mph and 74 km/h), which is quite fast for a yacht. Its dimension is 46 feet long (14 meters).

Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo concept

Among the amenities of this yacht are, luxurious bathroom, air-conditioning system, wine-cellar, high quality sound system and a interior with rectractable Windows. It accomadates up to 10 passengers.

The official price was not revealed yet, but specialist believe it will be at least $ 1.7 million

Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo Interior


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