Top 10 countries with the highest GDP per capita in 2015

Statista published the rank  of the countries with the largest GDP per capita in 2015. It’s known that GDP per capita it’s not necessarily correlated to HDI, despite the fact that most of the top 10 countries are developed, but Qatar due to its oil production it’s well ranked.

European countries dominate the ranking, among top 20 rank there are 14 european countries. A surprise is San Marino, due its banking sector and tourism, it’s number 10 ranked.

Here are the top 10 countries by GDP per capita in U.S. Dollars:

1. Luxembourg – 103,187 


2. Switzerland – 82,178


3. Qatar – 78,829


4. Norway – 76,266


5. United States – 55,904

New York

6. Singapore – 53,224


7. Australia – 51,642


8. Denmark – 51,424


9. Iceland – 51,068


10. San Marino

San Marino

After San Marino are Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada


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