World’s largest cruise ship

Hamorny of the seas

Royal Caribbean  launched its new ship, Harmony of the Seas. It is the largest ship in the world, with 362 meter length (1187 ft).

Harmony has the tallest slide, Ultimate Abyss, which people can reach 14 km/h ( 8,7 mph). The ship has 2,394 crew members, 18 decks, one Aquatheater, ice skate rink, a Flow Rider surf simulator, rock wall, casino with gaming lessons. It has 20 restaurants, among them, Jamie’s Italian, Johnny Rockets, 150 Central Park, Izumi Hibachi Sushi and Sorrento’s.

The ship also has Bionic Bar, which the bartenders are robots. For those who can’t live without internet, Harmony has allegedly the highest speed internet connection at sea. Its passenger capacity is 6,000 and it cost $ 1,1 billion  to build.

The cruise will be arriving in Europe in May 2016


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